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Paulichia Collamer, LCSW

People are feeling pain, fear, discomfort and confusion and are appearing as “normal” beings who show up in the world. There is often a disconnected feel with self and lack of motivation and awareness to change. Overall, people want to feel supported, validated and comforted in life’s circumstances. Having an unbiased, non-judgmental and free space to be themselves, is the key to unlocking new doors from within.

I believe in applying holistic and spiritual approaches (when appropriate) and use of eclectic therapeutic approaches and modalities to tap into a higher self. My niche is grief, strengths based, family structure/patterns, self esteem building and substance use.

I was born into an addictive and dysfunctional family. I have experienced significant losses, gains and shifts in my life, which motivates me to influence and help others see themselves on dark paths. My life’s purpose is supporting and guiding people through life changing experiences for the re-invention of self. Let me help you rewrite your story!