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Public Speaking

Aqueelah R. Collier is a passionate and dynamic public speaker with a deep commitment to mental health advocacy, particularly within the BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and People of Color) community. As an Army Combat Veteran who served during Operation Iraqi Freedom, Aqueelah brings a unique perspective to the intersection of mental health, military service, and cultural diversity. She is also a dedicated advocate for suicide awareness and prevention.

Key Focus Areas:

1. Mental Health Advocacy:

  • Aqueelah is a tireless advocate for mental health awareness and destigmatization. She works to break down barriers and encourages open conversations about mental well-being. 
  • She emphasizes the importance of acknowledging and addressing mental health concerns within the BIPOC community, where stigma often persists.

2. BIPOC Mental Health:

  • Aqueelah is known for her experience in exploring how mental health issues disproportionately affect the BIPOC community. She sheds light on the unique challenges and cultural factors that impact mental well-being in this demographic.

3. Veterans' Transition and PTSD:

  • Leveraging her experience as an Army Combat Veteran, Aqueelah educates veterans about healthy transitions to civilian life. 
  • She provides invaluable insights into managing post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and offers practical guidance for veterans to lead fulfilling and balanced lives.

4. Suicide Awareness and Prevention:

  • Aqueelah is a passionate advocate for suicide awareness and prevention. She works to eliminate the stigma surrounding suicide and encourages early intervention and support. 
  • She provides valuable resources and strategies to recognize warning signs, offer help, and promote mental well-being to prevent suicides.

Speaking Style:

Aqueelah R. Collier is an engaging and empathetic speaker who connects with her audience on a personal level. She draws from her own experiences and hardships, fostering a sense of relatability and trust. Her presentations are known for their:

  • Inspirational Stories: Aqueelah shares her personal journey, highlighting the challenges she's overcome, and making her message resonate deeply with audiences. 
  • Informative Content: She provides well-researched information, statistics, and strategies to address mental health, stigma, veterans' issues, and suicide prevention. 
  • Interactive Engagement: Aqueelah encourages dialogue, questions, and open discussions, creating a safe space for people to share their experiences.


  • $500-1500


Aqueelah R. Collier's impactful public speaking engagements have touched the lives of many. She has successfully inspired change, challenged stereotypes, and raised awareness about the critical issues of mental health, suicide awareness, and prevention, particularly within the BIPOC community and among veterans. Her work continues to promote understanding, empathy, and action to support those facing mental health challenges, contemplating suicide, and transitioning from military service. 

In conclusion, Aqueelah R. Collier is a dedicated and influential public speaker whose advocacy work has a profound impact on the mental health and well-being of BIPOC individuals, veterans, and those affected by suicide. Her commitment to breaking down barriers, combating stigma, promoting healthy transitions, and preventing suicides is both admirable and transformative.