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Kenya Williamson, LPC

With over 12 years of counseling experience, I specialize in domestic violence and received a Trauma Therapy Certificate from the Trauma Support Services of North Texas Trauma Care Institute. I also work with clients who want to work on their anger management, self-esteem, bullying and recognizing and reducing triggers. My goal is to create a space that allows clients to recognize, understand and process their trauma in a way that can empower them to live a more positive and healthier life. I believe in meeting clients where they are to find out which steps they want to take to live healthier lives. I believe that helping clients learn how to have more fun in their lives can help them reduce stress, avoid chaos and reconnect their thoughts, behavior and emotions. I also believe that counseling can be fun, which can help clients develop increased motivation to continue to change their unwanted behavior. I have counseling experience with a diverse number of communities. My goal is to provide high quality counseling services at a reasonable price.